How we work

The D-LABS working method is based on the approaches and methods of design thinking and human-centered design and always focuses on the user.

Our approach


Depending on the task at hand, services from our various fields of expertise are used in the project.

360° View

Holistic analysis of the project environment and comprehensive examination of user needs


Summary, structuring and evaluation of the findings of the 360-degree view and definition of the requirements for the solution

Concept & Design

Development of ideas, prototyping and elaboration of first solutions by an interdisciplinary team


Iterative optimization of the concept up to the solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders

Enabling & Coaching

Empowerment and support of all stakeholders in innovation processes and agile working methods as well as trainings on digital solutions

Business & Innovation

Strategic advice in the development of digital solutions as well as in innovation and change processes

Challenges where we have supported our customers

Project 01
User Research
Digital Experience Design
Software Engineering
Business & Innovation

How can the customer interface of a distribution system operator be designed in a uniform way?


  • Increased customer and service orientation

  • A unified customer experience across all channels

  • Process automation and digitalization

  • Increasing transparency for all stakeholders


  • Extensive analysis of internal and external service processes, e.g. with the help of qualitative interviews with representatives of the various target groups, as well as workshops with process experts from different departments

  • Development of personas and mapping of the IS situation in customer journey maps

  • Co-creative development of a mission statement for a unified customer interface, elaboration of a customer-centric service design concept and illustration in service blueprints


  • Forward-thinking service concept for the realization of a uniform customer interface, e.g. with the help of an online self-service portal for the various customer groups

Project 02
User Research
Enabling & Coaching
Business & Innovation

How do you train the employees of a DAX Group to be fit for agile working in interdisciplinary teams?


  • Training of 25 employees from all over Europe to be Design Thinking Facilitators

  • Learn design thinking through generic challenges and internal projects and whereby teams coach themselves

  • Getting to know implementation strategies

  • Building knowledge about agile work in companies as well as planning projects and workshops


  • Introduction to design thinking: Getting to know the entire design thinking process using a generic challenge

  • Deepening and coaching: Processing an internal challenge, whereby the participants acted as coaches themselves

  • Implementation strategies: Presentation of Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas and Systems Thinking; Location Determination - Agility in the Organization

  • Project and workshop planning: Order clarification and planning of internal projects


  • Building knowledge on agile work within the company and practical experience in internal projects

  • Successful certification of participants as Design Thinking Facilitators

Project 03
User Research
Digital Experience Design
Software Engineering
Business & Innovation

How can visitors to an exhibition be digitally supported?


  • How can visitors to an exhibition be digitally supported?

  • Delivery of additional information about the exhibits presented in the exhibition

  • Support for the visitor orientation within the exhibition


  • Definition of an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) together with the customer based on existing research results

  • Deliver co-creative workshops with the customer and iterative development of concept and design based on prototypes

  • Agile implementation of the MVP and its expansion


  • Intuitively usable app for iOS and Android for visitor multimedia accompaniment and support during and after the exhibition visit

image source: © Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Fabian Fröhlich

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