services and methods

Video Prototyping

With the help of a user story the core of a service or product is worked out. The video prototype shows which user role (persona) wants to reach which goal with which benefit. Or also which problem is solved with which service or product. A step in between a user story and a video prototype can be a storyboard.

At the “rapid paper based video prototyping” the usage of a paper prototype with changing states is filmed in a way that the interaction und reaction manner of the system becomes clear. Basis for that is a screen flow.

Also a combination of both techniques is possible if user scenarios as well as corresponding interfaces, interactions and system reactions are shown. This way information about user role, context, application, usage and benefit are generated in only a few minutes.


Video prototypes are clear and understandable. This created more detailed feedback. The condense information and with this allow an efficient communication with stake holders. They create identification and involvement, they delight and trigger emotions. With this they provoke feedback quickly and easily.