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Usability Test

The content of a usability test is determined by previously fixed tasks. The user fulfills these tasks under observation of our experts and shares his impressions and estimations actively. Finally, additional questions regarding the evaluation of the project are asked.

D-LABS executes usability tests in several different ways for you: at our location in Potsdam with a video of the test broadcasted to the observation room, at your location (with our equipment if needed) or in an external laboratory with a mirrored wall.


Usability tests give you the possibility to experience users interacting with your product. With this the test facilitates the ideal adjustment of the product to your user´s needs and requirements. Subsequently this ensures the contentment, effectiveness and efficiency when using your product.

With mobile usability tests usability tests are not location-independent. Users are observed while applying your product in their used usability context at home or at work. Subsequently the user is interviewed either by telephone or on-site by one of our interview experts. This way we are able to efficiently reach relevant user groups across Germany as well as internationally.