services and methods

Service Design

Service-Design focuses on the design of the interfaces of the involved systems. This involves communication, means and processes. The approach supports the interdisciplinary team through the phases understand, observe, define, ideate, prototype and test. The point in the first phase is to identify and understand the context and affected people of the system. After specifying the questioning, ideas are developed creatively. These are iteratively developed to prototypes and validated with stakeholders. The iterative approach supports the continuous specification and optimization of the interactions between service provider and recipient by stakeholder feedback until the final implementation of the service product.


The structured approach helps the team with complex challenges. The early visualization of system improves the communication to decision-finding and the user integration prevents misdevelopments from the very beginning. With the changed mindset of this approach end the ideal integration of users and stakeholders into the innovation process, market chances and potentials can be perceived and identified much better.