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Agile Coaching

We coach and establish agility - in the area of software as well as organizational development.


Our experience shows that the need for agile software development is growing. This is expressed by increasingly complex requirements for software solutions, the pursuit of ever faster cycles and the minimization of risks in software development.
However, the decision to become agile is a comprehensive one. To establish the desired ease and flexibility, a fundamental change in the thinking and behavior of employees is required - among each other and with all external stakeholders. Moreover, agility not only affects the actual development work but also challenges the entire organization to adapt to the new work processes and to allow for change.


In order to consolidate the knowledge of the team members in the long term, we continuously accompany projects with our expert knowledge and pass on our many years of experience in coaching sessions. These measures are necessary to build up an agile interaction and communication culture and to integrate the agile working method into existing structures.


We coach and establish agility - in the field of software development as well as in organizational development:

  • Support of agile teams in the project context
  • Methodical input and training on agile methods
  • Advising the contractor on the application of agile methods in their own project context
  • We pass on experience from agile projects to your project team as an accompanying consultant