18. 05. 2018

Strong team spirit despite rainy weather

At this year’s DAK Firmenlauf in Potsdam our employees gladly faced a new challenge. Even the pouring rain could not diminish the fun we had as participants or cheering fans, so we successfully reached the finish line.

On May 15th, the yearly DAK company run took place in Potsdam and we from D-LABS participated enthusiastically. The somewhat different network party took place in the beautiful setting of the new palace and covered a running distance of 5.2 km.

Despite the uncertain weather, the 3000 company runners did not let themselves be daunted.

When the starting signal was fired at 7 p.m., our four runners were at the forefront. The remaining colleagues stood at the starting and finish line and rooted for our runners. The shouting and cheering paid off: Despite the wet track, our best runner reached the finish line with a running time of 23:25 minutes and made the 302nd place.

Route Web

Subsequently, the brave runners and fans were rewarded with a LIVE band and the award ceremony.

We are sure to be back next year come rain or shine, for our colleagues say:

“To me, an open and dynamic business culture is a crucial part of working in a company. Joint sports activities are evidence of a high team spirit, which is why I think that participation in the DAK Firmenlauf Potsdam - whether as a runner or in the jubilant crowd - is a great corporate activity.”

“We are a team. In my view, presence and support are an essential part of the appreciation of entrepreneurship.”

“I always like to participate, because I enjoy the exercise.”

by Johanna Wenta


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