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Remote/online training: Visualization training

The seminar participants learn the basic skills of visual process support, in particular the visual preparation of meetings and workshops.

Our many years of experience in the fields of digital transformation and agile working methods have shown us that visual work improves the understanding and presentation of complex relationships. Moreover, it significantly supports the communication process. We would like to pass on this knowledge and the corresponding skills to you in our online trainings.

Communication and process-supporting visualization training

With easy-to-learn methods and techniques, we enable the participants of our online visualization training to communicate their ideas visually and thus improve the cooperation in the team. In addition to the basic skills of visual process support, you will also learn the visual preparation of meetings and workshops as well as many other easy-to-implement tips and tricks.

Content of our online seminar

  • Material science
  • Visualizing objects with basic shapes
  • Visualizing emotions, characters and interactions
  • Achieving effects
  • Using colors
  • Visual preparation of meetings and workshops
    • Working with templates
    • Use of containers
    • Font


  • Laptop with Windows/ MacOS, headset
  • Internet connection (minimum DSL 6000)

Procedure of our online training

  1. You contact us at:
  2. We coordinate costs, deadline, scope, agenda and technical implementation together.
  3. To be able to absolve the visualization training we will send you a starter kit with all needed materials in advance by mail (Deutsche Post)
  4. We carry out a technical test together to ensure that equipment, audio quality and internet speed are sufficient
  5. Execution of the virtual workshop / webinar
  6. As participant you will receive a workshop certificate