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Remote/online training: Creativity techniques

Many people believe that creativity is anchored in our genes or requires talent. However, we claim that everyone can be creative! We not only show you the necessary framework conditions, but also suitable creative techniques for your personal working environment. Equipped with these tools you can successfully develop new ideas and maybe the next big idea.

In the user-centered design process Ideation is placed before the development of testable prototypes will start. The key for successful prototype development is based on a selection of many different ideas.

How can I develop creative ideas?

Many people believe that creativity is anchored in our genes or requires talent. We claim that every person can be creative or become even more creative. Our online training teaches the basics of creativity – from suitable framework conditions to practical/appropriate creativity techniques.

Content of our online seminar

  • Basics of the creativity concept
  • Fundamentals for the necessary/suitable framework conditions
  • Overview of various creativity techniques and their fields of application/operational area
  • Methods and approaches for evaluating ideas


  • Laptop with Windows/ MacOS, headset
  • Internet connection (minimum DSL 6000)

Procedure of our online training

  1. You contact us at:
  2. We coordinate costs, deadline, scope, agenda and technical implementation together
  3. We carry out a technical test together to ensure that equipment, audio quality and internet speed are sufficient
  4. Execution of the virtual workshop / webinar
  5. As participant you will receive a workshop certificate