services and methods

Human-centered Design

The goal of Human-centered Design is to design digital products and services with a high usability and a positive User Experience. This is achieved by gaining the user’s and stakeholder’s needs and requirements center stage of the development. D-LABS follows this approach with a flexible set of methods for each phase in the development process. Especially in the first research phase and during the later testing of prototypes, qualitative methods support the identification of needs and actual work processes and –contexts, in which the final product will be used.


In contrast to technology driven product development this approach benefits from designing products for the target audience and ensuring a later user acceptance at an early stage in product development. Because of the positive experience when using the product users commit easily to the brand.

D-LABS works specifically with Human-centered Design in contrast to User-Centered-Design as beyond users all stakeholders with their different requirements should be involved in the process of designing the product. This approach is very cost-efficient for our customers, as early feedback is highly profitable if cost-intensive adjustments while or after development can be avoided.