26. 01. 2017

Media Panel at the Museum Barberini – Technology meets Art

The opening of the Museum Barberini in Potsdam made headlines worldwide. Founded by the patron of the arts Hasso Plattner it amazed not only with an award-winning building and spectacular exhibitions but also by an innovative digital visitor experience. A mobile app and a high resolution digital media panel (UHD/4K) guide visitors through the museum and its exhibitions.

The media wall gives an overview over the exhibits and can be handled by a virtual remote control which lets the visitor navigate through the exhibits. Up-to-date technology allows to see the paintings in high resolution and large size. Famous impressionistic masterpieces can be interactively compared to contemporary photos of the painted scenes. Artist, time, topic, and place can group all exhibits to show them in a new perspective. Visitors navigate comfortably by pictures, geographical maps, and timeline.

D-LABS was significantly involved in realizing the technology. Not only our development and planning competence was key to the successful project but also the partnership with our project partners SAP SE and leetvision design GmbH. SAP SE oversaw the project coordination. We would like to thank our project partners for the excellent cooperation. Without the smooth cooperating of all involved parties the agile software project combined with a tight schedule and great quality expectations couldn’t have been realized. The development already included testing by the museum’s management and potential visitors, generating a very positive feedback. Now we are looking forward to hearing about the first visitor’s experiences.

by Team
Software Engineering


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