11. 11. 2022

Taking a closer look: More than just a resolution!

A blue heart, decorated like a Christmas tree.

Every year around the holidays we ask ourselves the same question: What to do to end the year on a hopeful note? A Christmas party, of course, that’s a classic – or how about a round of presents for our network? Both? Or is less more?

This year is different.

2022 is not and was not a normal year, just as 2021 and 2020 weren’t normal years. Rapid social change meets unimaginable challenges, war and the pandemic are on everyone’s lips. As an IT company, we keep hearing: Where is the promised digitalization? And how do we ensure that technical innovation doesn’t leave anyone behind?

Whether it’s supporting Ukrainian refugees arriving in Potsdam or the access of elders to an increasingly digital society: They are important topics that have accompanied us year-round. Faced with an abundance of unanswered questions, it’s no wonder that no one seems to quite know which one to tackle first.

A closer look… where?

We don’t have an answer to everything, either. For D-LABS, one thing is clear, however: We want to help – not just somehow, not just with something, but in the places few are even aware help is direly needed. We want to take a closer look! Because everyone of us has matters near and dear to their heart that deserve more attention.

This is why we are asking you, dear readers: Which matter is close to your heart? Where can we help out?

Whether it’s a charity, a small fundraising campaign or simply a family in need – tell us about it via herzsache@d-labs.com. We look forward to your ideas and suggestions!

by Jessica Orsolani-Uhlig
Expert Communications


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