services and methods

Diary Method

The participants document their behavior and their opinions over a defined period of time regarding a specific question or problem. Dependant on the target group and the project content the realizing expert can choose to support the method by the use of different types of media like internet, smartphone, telephone, paper, video, audio, blog, e-mail, twitter, questionnaires, photos etc. Also the period of time recording, manner and effort of moderation are flexible and set by the expert. If needed this method can be connected to qualitative interviews (before, while and/or after) the application of the diary method.


The advantage the application of the diary method gives is the prompt documentation of the user´s experience and her observations over a longer period of time. Through this method, comprehensive data can be collected about - for instance - the usage of a product or the information research prior to a decision about a product. The gained knowledge and insights into the routine of your users finally support the development of a product which highly fits the behavior and characteristics of your customers.